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FORM products epitomise a simple mindset; functional innovation. Each product is designed according to the principles of simplicity, ease of use and above all function.

Our drive is to find ways to improve on, or add to, the range of bike fitting products available to fitters and riders. We want our products to look and feel beautiful, and be a joy to use.

Our aim is to take products which are fundamental to an optimum fit, and elevate them to a higher level.


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15 products

Pedal Spacer
Form Bikefitting
Pedal Spacer Sale priceFrom $8.99 AUD
Leg Length SHIM 3-hole SPDSL / LookLeg Length SHIM 3-hole SPDSL / Look
Forefoot Wedge
Form Bikefitting
Forefoot Wedge Sale priceFrom $17.99 AUD
Cleat Wedge SPDSL/Look
Form Bikefitting
Cleat Wedge SPDSL/Look Sale priceFrom $27.95 AUD
Heal Wedge universal road / MTBHeal Wedge universal road / MTB
Leg Length SHIM - Speedplay
Flanged M5 cleat screws
Cleat extender plate - R20 Speedplay (kit)
Volume reducer insoles 2mm (2pack)
Leg Length ShIm MTB
Form Bikefitting
Leg Length ShIm MTB Sale priceFrom $41.95 AUD
Cleat Wedge Speedplay
Form Bikefitting
Cleat Wedge Speedplay Sale priceFrom $27.95 AUD
Speedplay screws M4
Cleat pick & poker set
Cleat extender plate - ML9 Speedplay (kit)
Cleat extender plate - MLR618 Speedplay (kit)