Cleat extender plate - XPR Universal 3hole Kit( L/R SHIMANO)

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Cleat extender plate - XPR universal 3-hole (kit)

The FORM XPR extender plates provide additional rearward adjustment for 3-hole road cleat systems. They also offer up to 3mm of additional medial or lateral adjustment. 

Moving the cleats back towards the midfoot can have a number of benefits:

  • It reduces the foot's "lever" effect making the foot more stable over the pedals
  • It can reduce or eliminate hot foot by moving pressure point away from the pedal spindle
  • It will reduce demand on the ankle and calf muscles which is highly beneficial for endurance cycling
  • Useful if your existing cleat holes are located too far forward on the shoe and don't allow you to position your cleats in the "modern standard" position

If you ride Shimano SPDSL, Look KEO or any 3-hole road pedals and want to experiment with a more rearward position, these plates are easy to fit and add just 3.5mm of extra stack to your cleat stack height. The slightly flexible design allows compatibility with all road shoes.


  • L&R - Two plates / M5 T-nuts / base plate screws / cleat screws / cleat washers
  • L IN/R OUT - Single plate / M5 T-nuts / base plate screws / cleat screws / cleat washers
  • R IN/L OUT - Single plate / M5 nuts / base plate screws / cleat screws / cleat washers

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