Cleat extender plate - XPS Universal 3hole Kit( L/R LOOK)

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Cleat extender plate - XPS universal 3-hole (kit)

The FORM XPS extender plates provide additional medial or lateral adjustment for 3-hole road cleat systems. They also offer a choice of either standard fore/aft positioning or a minus 10mm setting.  

Modern bikefitting practices have found that there are many riders who require either a wider or a narrower stance width than what is available from standard cleats. The benefits to those riders include:

  • Better and more direct power transfer through the pedals
  • Better foot contact with the base of the shoe and pedal
  • A potential reduction or elimination of medial or lateral knee pain
  • Moving the shoe away from the bike to avoid hitting the frame with the heel

If you ride Shimano SPDSL, Look KEO or any 3-hole road pedals and want to experiment with a wider or narrower cleat position, these plates will add just 3.5mm of extra stack to your cleat. And with the addition of the minus 10mm setting you can gain two changes in one. The slightly flexible design allows compatibility with all road shoes.


  • L&R - Two plates / M5 T-nuts / base plate screws / cleat screws / cleat washers
  • L IN/R OUT - Single plate / M5 T-nuts / base plate screws / cleat screws / cleat washers
  • R IN/L OUT - Single plate / M5 nuts / base plate screws / cleat screws / cleat washers



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