Stems and Spacers

Stems and Spacers

We understand the importance of high-quality components when it comes to enhancing your cycling experience. That's why we offer a range of stems and spacers that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to perform.

Our stems are made from the finest materials, ensuring durability and stability while you're riding. They come in a variety of lengths, angles, and clamp sizes to suit your specific needs. Whether you're a professional cyclist or a weekend warrior, we have a stem that's perfect for you.

Our spacers are designed to give you the flexibility to adjust your handlebar height for optimal comfort and performance. We offer a wide range of spacers in different sizes and colors, so you can customize your bike to your heart's content.


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Bronze Limited Edition RangeBronze Limited Edition Range
Sold out
5DEV 2 Bolt Titanium Stem (MTN)5DEV 2 Bolt Titanium Stem (MTN)
5DEV 2 Bolt Titanium Stem (MTN) Sale price$687.24 AUD
Industry Nine A35 StemIndustry Nine A35 Stem
Industry Nine A35 Stem Sale priceFrom $150.00 AUD Regular price$210.00 AUD
Industry Nine A318 StemIndustry Nine A318 Stem
Industry Nine A318 Stem Sale price$240.00 AUD
Basso Diamante Stem 014 Angle Negative 11
Basso Diamante Stem 014 Angle Zero
Basso Carbon Spacer 5mmBasso Carbon Spacer 5mm
Basso Carbon Spacer 5mm Sale price$55.00 AUD
Basso Spacer ROUND SPLIT 5mm 2023
Moots Titanium headset spacerMoots Titanium headset spacer
Moots Titanium headset spacer Sale priceFrom $19.95 AUD
Headset Spacer Combo KitHeadset Spacer Combo Kit
Headset Spacer Combo Kit Sale price$49.95 AUD
Basso Spacer X PALTA Squared Split 5mm 2023
Diamante Carbon 10mm Spacer
Basso Integrated Cables 5 mm Spacer