Headsets & Spacers

Headsets & Spacers

Mix of headsets and Spacers from Basso, Industry Nine and Moots


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Irix Headset IS42/IS52 CompleteIrix Headset IS42/IS52 Complete
Irix Headset IS42/IS52 Complete Sale price$249.00 AUD
Irix Headset IS41/IS52 CompleteIrix Headset IS41/IS52 Complete
Irix Headset IS41/IS52 Complete Sale price$245.00 AUD
Irix Headset ZS44/ZS56 CompleteIrix Headset ZS44/ZS56 Complete
Irix Headset ZS44/ZS56 Complete Sale price$299.00 AUD
Basso Carbon Spacer 5mmBasso Carbon Spacer 5mm
Basso Carbon Spacer 5mm Sale price$55.00 AUD
Basso Spacer ROUND SPLIT 5mm 2023
Moots Titanium headset spacerMoots Titanium headset spacer
Moots Titanium headset spacer Sale priceFrom $19.95 AUD
MicroTech Headset Conic 1.5" 1-1/8" Tapered Fork for Diamante
MicroTech Headset Quantum Carbon 1" 1/8 OLD
Headset Spacer Combo KitHeadset Spacer Combo Kit
Headset Spacer Combo Kit Sale price$49.95 AUD
Diamante Carbon 10mm Spacer
Basso Integrated Cables 5 mm Spacer