T5 Triathlon TEST SADDLE

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Once booked we will contact you to arrange the test model deposit & confirm booking

We offer 2-10 day booking periods

We recommend you book 2x saddles to test

When booking a test model, your deposit will be applied towards the purchase if you decide to proceed. A $50 service fee will be charged if you choose not to purchase


The latest addition to the Triathlon series! It ts halfway between the "wide" family (T1 and T2) and the "narrow" family (T3 and T4).

For which cyclist

Gender: Man, Woman

Sit bones width: from 11,1 to 14,0 cm

Pants size: M, L, XL

Use: Triathlon

Type of bicycle: Traditional

Padding level: Thick

Dimensions and weight

Width: 141 mm - Length: 251 mm

With AISI 304 rail: 320 g

With carbon rail: 265 g


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