Spatz 'BurnR" Arm Warmers (large)

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The brand new “Burnr” arm warmers are a fresh take on what arm warmers should be.

Nobody before has created an arm warmer with such a detailed design and with so much consideration into what makes the perfect arm warmer.

Manufactured with seamless technology, We have been able to engineer each “panel” to perform it’s specific function without the need for any seams between. Each “panel” has a specific weave, texture and thickness to offer qualities such as warmth, support, articulation, moisture transport or aerodynamics.

Using seamless manufacture means that we can sculpt warmers that hug your contours beautifully without unnecessary compression or bulky zippers. Subtle silicone grippers top and bottom keep everything in place as you battle through the elements.

The “Burnr” arms are incredibly comfortable, warm, and fast drying with the added advantage of a sculpted weave which seeks out any aerodynamic advantage.

This is a garment that has to be seen and used to be believed. They will soon become your go-to arm warmers. A true 4 season product.


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