Solix SL AR40c Carbon Wheelset

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Hub Colour: Black

Hub Colour

Freehub: Shimano HG


Solix SL - AR40c

Built For

Road | All-Road



Hole Count


Rim Inner Width


Answer the call to swiftly navigate any and all types of road surfaces, from smooth pavement to rugged gravel double track, with the Solix SL AR40. Built to be our first choice for all-road conditions, but with aerodynamic optimization for tires ranging from 30-42mm, the AR40 is ideally suited for wide road tires, gravel racing and even cyclocross laps. To keep the aero advantage created by the tire-rim profile, we spec 24 straight-pull Sapim CX-Ray bladed steel spokes and our svelte SL hubshell package that houses our revolutionary Solix freehub drive system. And when the surface turns to peanut butter, the Solix hub system's seal configuration effectively prevents dirt from entering, ensuring a smooth and low-drag performance. If you’re looking to run even wider tires (45-55mm) on your fast gravel rig, the Solix SL UL250c would be the ticket. To save some weight, but lose some of the aero advantage with gravel tires, the Solix SL 35 would be the choice.

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