Hydra Wheelset w/DT Swiss EX511 29"

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Colour: Black
Freehub: Front Wheel Only


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Introducing the Pinnacle of Performance: Custom-Built DT Swiss EX511 - Industry Nine MTN Wheels.

At the intersection of precision engineering and unrivaled craftsmanship, these custom-built wheels are the epitome of cycling excellence. Crafted with meticulous care and featuring the highest-quality components, these wheels are more than just a piece of equipment; they're a testament to your commitment to the sport.

Key Components:

DT Swiss EX511 Rims: The foundation of these custom-built wheels, DT Swiss EX511 rims are known for their robustness and performance. Crafted with an intricate blend of durability and lightweight construction, these rims deliver the strength and stiffness necessary to conquer even the most demanding trails. Whether you're charging through rocky descents or tackling technical climbs, these rims provide the stability and agility you need.

Industry Nine Hydra Hubs: Precision in motion is the heart of these wheels. Handbuilt onto Industry Nine Hydra hubs, they offer a revolutionary experience of instant engagement and responsiveness. The Hydra hubs feature an astonishing 690 points of engagement, ensuring immediate power transfer from your pedals to the trail. Say goodbye to lag and enjoy a ride that feels seamlessly connected to your every move.

32H Spoke Count: The 32-hole spoke count strikes the perfect balance between strength and weight, guaranteeing a resilient wheelset that won't back down from a challenge. This configuration adds to the wheels' overall stability and durability, making them a reliable choice for all types of riding.

Hub: Industry Nine Hydra Hubs. Boost 15x110mm front 12x148mm rear.
Spoke Holes: 32H.
Convertibility: Can be converted to 20x110mm.
Bearings: Enduro Steel bearings.
Brakes: ISO 6 bolt mount style.
Freehub: Available in XD Driver, HG or Microspline.

Rims: DT Swiss EX511.
Tubeless: Yes.
Dimensions: 30mm internal width.
Tyres: Perfect for 2.2" to 2.8" tyres.
Joining: Welded rim.
Material: Aluminium.

Spokes: Pillar.
Spoke Count: 32 Spokes.
Materials: Steel.
Hub mount: J-Bend Style.

 Weight: Approximately 2100g for a 29er.

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