E TRK GEL Saddle

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E-TRK is the saddle for E-Bikes designed for those who go bike touring on a trekking E-Bike. It offers versatile use and satisfies many people. Its comfort and ergonomics surprise you even over long distances.

100x100 handmade in Italy

For which cyclist

Gender: Man, Woman

Sit bones width: from 9,0 to 15,0 cm

Pants size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Use: Touring / Trekking

Type of bicycle: E-Bike

Padding level: Thick

Dimensions and weight

Width: 162 mm - Length: 277 mm

Weight: 675 g


Materials and colors

Padding: Polyurethane + Gel

Cover: SVT Velvet Touch

Body: Co-polymer polypropylene

Rail: FeC30 steel Ø 7.1 mm

Colors: black

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