Drakon CARBON Black Saddle

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EN Carbon Rail (CRB) - Recommendations regarding the seat-post
1. it should allow correct saddle positioning. (fig.1)
2. it should not have sharp edges whith, by cutting, could compromise frame resistance. (fig.2)
3. the jaws should have the same external surface shape as the saddle frame to correctly fit with a wide contact surface. (fig.3)
4. the contact area between the seat-post and the saddle frame should not be under 8cm2. 5. the jaws should connect with the saddle frame for a minimum length of 32mm. (fig.3)
6. the coupling surfaces with the saddle frame should be symmetrical and parallel. (fig.4) 7. the jaws should not cause deformation or damage to the saddle frame.
8. if a lateral clamp seat-post is used, we recommend using jaws with a range and profile suited to house the carbon fiber saddle frame with 7,0x9,0mm. (fig.5)

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