Corima 4 Spoke Front Track Wheel

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Bearings: Ceramic Bearing




CORIMA's spokes wheels are among the best on the market.

Widely tested in training or competition, the CORIMA 4-spoke wheel will accompany you in your quest for speed. It will be lighter but less rigid than a 5-spoke wheel. It will be heavier but also stiffer than a 3-spoke wheel.


  • 28" tubular front
  • Profile : 47MM
  • Rim width : 22.6mm
  • Axle : Axle Ø9 x 100mm + 2 screws M6 x 25mm + 2 bolts Ø20mm
  • Model : HM
  • Weight : 770 g
  • Carbon weave : 3K
  • Integrated magnet
  • Bearings

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