Praxis Chainring Alloy Bolts 5mm/6mm (5pack)

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  • 5mm/6mm Bolt Kit - For regular 110BCD or 130BCD road ring sets.  5pk of Aluminum | 5 & 6mm Allen |  Torque to 10Nm.  M8.5 x 0.75 spec
  • X-RING Bolt Kit - Aluminum | Threaded Allen |  Torque to 10Nm. 8qty male threaded | Specific to the Praxis X-Spider
  • 48/32 110BCD Bolt Kit - Praxis custom alloy chain ring bolts for 48/32 110BCD set only | Set of 5. These replacement bolts thread directly *into* our 32T from our 48/32 110BCD set.  Must have a Praxis 110BCD crank with our Praxis 48/32 ring set.

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