Belgium C2 Rim Series

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Hole Count: 24H

Hole Count


HED Belgium alloy rims make any custom wheel build that much sweeter.  With a 23mm external width of the Belgium C2, you can add tire volume, smoothness, and rolling speed to any bike or hub set, even older bike models with less tire clearance.

All Belgium rims feature a welded rim joint and are drilled for a standard presta valve.  Spoke drilling is down the centerline of the rim (not offset).  Please carefully read the specifications below to find out detailed information on the different rims we offer. 

Belgium C2 clincher
Tire Type: Clincher
Rim Width (External): 23mm
Rim Depth: 24mm
Hole Counts: 20, 24, 28, 32
Color: Black
Brake Track: Machined (silver)
Wheel Size: 700c
Weight: 455 grams
Max Pressure: 100psi
ERD: 592mm
Part #: RI66

Tech Notes:

23mm C2 clincher rim MIN/MAX tire width: 22 - 42mm

*Note: Our wide rims increase clincher tire volume, causing actual inflated sizes to be larger-than-advertised on the tire. Inflated sizes will be 1-2mm wider on our 23mm C2 rims, and 2-4mm wider on 25mm Plus rims.

*Note for wheelbuilders: Rim ERD for all 700c Belgium rims (regardless of rim width or braking surface) = 592mm

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