Basso Hangers

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Hanger Type: Astra 3 Bolt Hanger

Hanger Type

Spare rear derailleur hangers for BASSO frames are available here. Check your frame model and see if matches the shape here in the picture. If any doubt, send us a photo of your bike before placing your order.

1. Basso Rim Standard Frame Hanger

A two pieces frame hanger dedicated to all the Basso Rim models from the following specific year.


  • Diamante from 2014

  • Diamante SV Rim

  • Astra from 2012

  • Fastcross from 2013

  • Konos from 2014

  • Laguna from 2013

  • Loto

  • Venta

2. Basso Disc Standard Frame Hanger

A two piece frame hanger dedicated to all the Basso Disc models from 2020.


  • Compatibility: Diamante SV Disc, Diamante Disc, Astra, Palta, Venta Disc, Volta

3.Tera Frame Hanger

The Tera frame hanger is specif to this model. It includes a 2mm head nut and thru axle thread.


  • Compatibility: Tera

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