Spatzwear cycling gloves are known for their high-quality materials and excellent performance. Made from premium Italian fabrics, these gloves are designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip on the handlebars, while also protecting your hands from road vibrations and other impact forces. The gloves feature a pre-curved shape that conforms to your hands, and are engineered with reinforced padding in key areas for added durability and protection. With a range of styles and colors to choose from, Spatzwear cycling gloves are a great choice for cyclists looking for both style and function.


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SPATZ "THRMOZ" Deep Winter GlovesSPATZ "THRMOZ" Deep Winter Gloves
SPATZ "GLOVZ" Race Gloves with fold-out wind blocking shellSPATZ "GLOVZ" Race Gloves with fold-out wind blocking shell
SPATZ "NEOZ" Thermal Neoprene Rain GlovesSPATZ "NEOZ" Thermal Neoprene Rain Gloves